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BUSINESS AT SEA……a smart business decision for your organization.

Corporate Collage


To mix business with pleasure…. just add water. 
Catch the wave of endless possibilities!!

Embrace learning with more enthusiasm and fresh inspiration aboard a cruise ship. Whether the goal is to reward, educate or motivate, people return from a cruise accomplishing much, much more. 

Why should we consider conducting business at sea?
What types of business can we conduct on a cruise ship?
What is a price comparison between a land and cruise ship meeting?
What's included in the price of a cruise?
Are other services available to meet our needs?
What type and capacity of ships are available?
What destinations, lengths, and season options are available for a corporate cruise? 
Why charter a ship?
What about Tax Deductibility?
Why call us?
Website Questionnaire

Why should we consider conducting business at sea?

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider a cruise for your next venue:


A highly motivating and desirable environment for a new and exciting travel experience. (People are increasingly becoming motivated to cruise).


All the amenities, and more, expected from a luxury land-based resort are provided. See our comparative analysis. (hyperlink and text: Compare the price and value")


Enhanced camaraderie from sharing a new travel experience. (Creates a bond with your organization).


Maintain a "captive audience" in a self-contained environment with a variety of function rooms for private events.


Multiple destinations with minimal hassle. Virtually all-inclusive pricing provides better budget control.


Built-in activities program offers variety for participants, spouses, and kids without extra planning or cost. 


Ample menu choices, and unlimited servings. (No limitations as with banquet meals)


Highly personalized service, customary aboard ships, nourishes ego of participants more than other types of travel.


Combines the pleasures of a resort hotel with the adventure of foreign travel.


Perceived as having a high value by attendees, while costing less overall than a comparable land-based program.


Participants retain less of what they have learned if the meeting is poorly planned or dull. Organized fun meetings add to participant's moral and learning retention. The bottom line - more profit and return on investment for the company!

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What types of business can we conduct on a cruise ship?


1. Incentive Cruises
Groups or individual cruises can be used as a motivational tool for employees, dealers, customers, or independent contractors to increase sales, service, or productivity.

2. Customer Appreciation, Employee Recognition
Cruising provides a productive setting in which to generate future business opportunities together. Or, when you've had a great year and want to thank the people who made it possible, consider the lasting value of a cruise instead of cash or merchandise.

3. Business Meetings
Try something different. Choose a cruise for your annual meeting, board meeting, or sales conference. 

4. Continuing Education, Association Conference
Programs for the medical, legal, and other professions can successfully use a cruise if the right ship and destination are selected.

5. Conventions, Trade Shows, Product Launches
With capacity of over 3,000 people, a ship is a convenient, self-contained venue that can add pizzazz to increase attendance and control costs.

6. Executive Retreats
A cruise is sure to deliver the results you need, at any budget level.

7. Consumer Incentives
For a competitive edge, auto dealerships, real estate companies, and others can motivate consumers to buy with special promotions: "Win a chance in a free cruise drawing………."

8. Fund Raisers
Universities, hospitals, non-profit organizations and others can motivate donations through travel programs that earmark a portion of the cruise price for a worthy cause.

9. Full-ship Charters and "Floating Hotels"
For the ultimate cruise experience, charter a vessel for exclusive use by your organization. You can fly your own flag, customize the itinerary and daily events, and even stage your own entertainment or awards ceremony. 
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What is a price comparison between a land and cruise ship meeting?

Sample illustration, based on 3 nights, per person, double occupancy

Cruise Resort

All-Inclusive Hotel Room

Accommodations $925 $318
Air transportation Included $379
Meals, snacks Included $398
Entertainment Included $275
Private reception * Included $ 75
Room amenities Included $ 35
Meeting breaks (2) Included $ 30
Audio Visual Equipment Included $ 8
Transfers Included $ 38
Gratuities $27 Included @ 19%
Port charges, taxes $82 Included @ 11%

Total $1034 $1556

· Minimum number of participants required
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What's included in the price of a cruise?

Pricing for a cruise program generally includes many more meals, services, entertainment and activities than a land-based program:

· Sleeping cabins (standard, de-luxe, suites with butlers, etc.)
· All meals onboard, unlimited menu choices
· Daily snacks, buffets, room service
· Catered meeting breaks
· Use of conference facilities
· Use of ship's basic multi-media equipment 
(extensive AV and Computer Equipment at Extra charge)
· Use of function rooms for private meetings (no décor budget needed)
· Private cocktail receptions with music
· Butler-passed hors d'oeuvres
· Nightly entertainment, lavish productions, cabaret artists, dancing
· Free promotional materials: postcards, mailers, posters
· Variety of complimentary spouse/youth activities
· First run movies
· Services of professional photographer
· Printed schedule of ship's activities delivered daily
· Full day beach party on lines' exclusive island, BBQ lunch, music, games
· Casino gambling, enrichment lectures, sports and deck games
· Health & fitness club
· Duty-free shopping on premises
· 24-hour medical services and security always on site
· Cruise Line's document wallet, bag tabs, port information and tips brochure
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Are other services available to meet our needs?

Yes, other optional services may include:
· Airport meet and assist staff
· Air and ground arrangements
· Hotel arrangements
· Stateroom amenities
· Customized document wallets
· Custom program logo and signage
· Hospitality desk staffed by professionals
· Equipment rentals
· Custom spa packages
· Private activities, golf ashore
· Themed receptions
· Coordination of group events with cruise line
· Site inspections 
· Program registration and database management

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What type and capacity of ships are available?

650 to over 1,500 sleeping rooms
Glamorous, new, state-of-the-art vessels with multi-story atriums, a variety of restaurants and entertainment venues, large and lavish production shows. Many ships have dedicated conference space with the latest in audio-visual equipment. Lots of staterooms with private balconies. Well equipped health clubs and spas. Generally offer 3, 4 and 7-day cruises, mostly in the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Alaska.

500 to 800 sleeping rooms
Traditional style ships, some brand new and some older but well maintained and with character. Depending on the group size, these ships can offer a higher degree of customization and group exclusivity than the mega-ships. Most have abundant activities and entertainment, and traditional shipboard dining - one or two restaurants with two seatings for breakfast and dinner. These offer a greater variety of destinations than the mega ships, which are restricted by their size. 

200 to 450 sleeping rooms
Most of these vessels cater to the well-traveled passenger, and provide a very high level of service. Usually located in more exotic destinations. Many vessels offer leisurely one-seating dining. Can be perfect for half-ship charters and full charters, depending on group size.

50 to 190 sleeping rooms
All-suite vessels, offering the ultimate in luxury accommodations, service and amenities. Most ships offer butler service and a very fine dining experience. Exotic, worldwide itineraries. Occasionally 4, 5, and 7-day itineraries, but longer voyages are the norm.
Plan two years ahead for a charter to get a shorter length. This grouping includes motor vessels as well as beautiful sailing ships.

10 to 200 sleeping rooms
A river cruise can take you on the Danube in Bavaria/Austria, the Rhone in France, the Nile, China's Yangtze, and even the Mississippi. Vessels may be the newer, modern type, or the traditional barge type, and offer a high quality travel experience. They're perfect for in-depth sightseeing and a relaxed cruising pace, with minimal entertainment onboard. Ideal for charter - you set the itinerary to suit your needs. If your people have been everywhere, this might be for them.

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What destinations, lengths, and season options are available for a corporate cruise?

Cruise ships itineraries vary from year to year and season to season, but the following will provide a general guide:

Destination # Nights Season

Alaska 7 May - September
Bahamas/Mexico/Key West 3, 4 Year Round
Bermuda 7 May - October
Caribbean 3, 4, 7 Year Round 
Hawaii 7 Year Round
Mediterranean/Greek Isles 5, 6, 7 May - October
Mexico/West Coast 3, 4 Year Round
Mexican Riviera/West Coast 7 Year Round
Panama Canal 7 Jan. Feb.
Scandinavia/Russia 7 July, August
Tahiti 7 Year Round
The Rivers of Europe 5, 6, 7 May - October
The Rivers of North America 3, 4, 7 Year Round

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Why charter a ship?

Consider these advantages:

· Freedom to customize, with control of daily program
You set the schedule, you can even choose the ports. You can create exciting events without disturbance from other guests. You can use the company logo freely throughout the ship, on menus, napkins, and banners. With few exceptions, the entire shipboard operation can be set up to suit your preferences: meal times, entertainment, daily activities, etc. The ship's daily newspaper can even be changed, and customized to reflect your schedule of events.

· Camaraderie
Everybody on board is a part of your group. This means more informal mingling at the rail, more chit-chat by the pool, more exchange of ideas among the ranks. You have a captive audience so the sky's the limit. Over 90% of adults have never cruised. When they share a new experience like this together, it becomes a lifelong memory.

· Prestige
People feel honored when they board a ship that's been privately chartered just for them. There's more to boast about to family and friends, especially when the entire experience has been totally customized for your corporation.

· Undivided Attention
With just your group to cater to, the ship's staff can devote all of their attention and resources to you and your program.

· Exclusivity
Being a part of an elite group aboard a privately chartered ship is an experience that can't be duplicated on their own.

What you should know about full-ship charters:
Ship sizes range from 50 to over 3,000 passengers, so there's no group size required to charter. Charters almost always require a signed contract with deposit plus an irrevocable Letter of Credit (securing the balance of payments due) in order to secure the date, removing it from sale to the general public, excluding it from marketing materials and ceasing all sales efforts. The charter cannot be cancelled, nor can you reduce your number of attendees and expect a refund. Charters work best for programs with a lot of history and for planners who feel relatively confident about attendee numbers, and have the budget for it. For those who do, it is the ultimate travel experience.

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What about Tax Deductibility?

The following information is subject to change. We suggest that you contact your tax accountant for your individual circumstances.

1. The sponsoring company can deduct the cost of the award.
2. The recipient must report the fair market value as "income" for tax purposes.
3. The above facts are not affected by the venue. (ship and hotel should be treated the same, says the IRS).

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Why call us?

· Save time and money. 
· One-stop shopping. Convenience and ease of dealing with one coordinator to accommodate all your needs (air and ground transportation, accommodations, food and beverage, entertainment, meeting needs, cocktail receptions, daytime activities for spouses and children, etc.)
· Value: maximum return on investment
· Specialization: you benefit from our experience
· Certified and bonded
· Depth of resources: CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) Certified Master Cruise Counselor on staff, vendors, ports of call
· Intimately familiar with ships and ports
· Reduce risk. Increase attendee satisfaction
· Clout/leverage as a member of the GEM Cruiselink Consortium, the largest travel consortium worldwide
· Professional, pro-active, reliable 

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Website Questionnaire

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Number of sleeping cabins required:
Program Date (Year and Month - YY/MM):
Number of nights:    Largest meeting room needed:
Per person Budget Range:
Special Needs: 

Please add any comments about your meeting/seminar objectives: 

Privacy Note: This information is completely confidential and only for our internal use. We do NOT sell or share any of this information with any other organizations. We only ask for this information to be able to better serve you.


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