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Singles Cruises

Single Cruise

Do cruise lines charge a single supplement?
What is a "single share" program?
What cruise lines have designated single cabins?
Can I join a "singles" group on a cruise?
What is a "gentlemen hosted" cruise?

Do cruise lines charge a single supplement?

Cruise line policies regarding single travelers vary. Most lines charge from 25 percent to 100 percent extra for single travelers who request a double cabin. Some lines have single occupancy cabins available and a few lines accommodate only a few or no singles at all.

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What is a "single share" program?

Many cruise lines have a limited number of cabins available on a "single share" basis. On this program, you agree to share a stateroom with another guest of the same gender and you pay only the per person double occupancy rate. If the cruise company does not find a cabin-mate for you, you cruise solo at the agreed upon double occupancy rate. Single share is offered on the following lines: Carnival, Celebrity, Costa, Royal Olympic, Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Line, Orient Lines, Princess and Royal Caribbean.

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What cruise lines have designated single cabins?

Some cruise lines offer cabins specifically designated for single travelers. Cunard's Vistafjord, for example, has a limited number of single cabins that are only 6-18% more (supplements subject to change) than the double occupancy rate with single supplement. Other lines that offer designated single cabins are: American Hawaii, Celebrity, Holland America, Cunard, Royal Olympic, Commodore, Orient Lines and World Explorer. 

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Can I join a "singles" group on a cruise?

Sure. Special group cruises are formed specifically for single travelers. If you don't want to pay the single supplement, in many cases you can choice to share a cabin with another person and pay the double occupancy rate. Your Cruise Brokers International certified Master Cruise Counselor can assist you in choosing the right cruise for you.

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What is a "gentlemen hosted" cruise?

Gentlemen hosts are aboard some cruise ships to provide camaraderie for women traveling alone. They may provide companionship as dancing partners, dinner companions, card partners, and shore excursions. Holland America Cruise Lines usually have gentlemen hosts aboard cruises 10 days or longer for their Asia and Pacific itineraries. Also Explorer Cruises may have gentlemen hosts.

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